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Ambition Tuition


Tutoring for all Years and Ages


At Ambition Tuition, we believe in the power of education and strive to provide a high-quality tutoring experience. Our tutors are dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals and are committed to providing guidance and support with personalised and individualised tutoring services.

We offer a range of tutoring services, from one-on-one sessions to group classes. Our knowledgeable and experienced tutors will work with you to create a tailored learning plan that is based on your individual needs. We are passionate about helping our students and look forward to making a positive difference in their education.

How we Can

Help You:

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The main purpose of the consultation is to understand in detail where and how best we can help the student. We would love to get to know you over the phone, and provide a...
30 min

Our Unparalleled Approach:

Personalised tutoring

Whether it’s in our online classes, or 1 on 1 in your home, we personalise the sessions to target areas you need help in!

Inspirational mentoring

We encourage you in aspects of time management, goal setting, empowering study skills and exam motivation.

Impassioned tutors

Our team is filled with passionate individuals, who thrive on working towards your goals.

futuristic guidance

Dynamic approaches to help our students visualise their future endeavours and attain their desired prospects.

individualised learning plans

Tailored to your own personal goals, individualised plans are accustomed to your needs to help you stay comprehensible!

unmatched resources 

Over 10,000+ resources ranging across all subjects of all years, from all different schools!

Free group practice sessions

Free group mock exam sessions held to favour our students to better succeed in their results!

exuberant experiences

An enjoyable experience learning with fun tutors and engaging cohesively with friends, forming relationships along the way.

Why us?

Ambition Tuition is a designed to implemented ways of holistic tutoring and incentive mentoring to facilitate education and support for young people, in order for them excel academically at school and develop key study skills.

Ambition Tuition is more than an agency aimed to simply "tutor" students the essentials for academic progression, but rather always proceeds to take the "Ambitions" of students with a further approach.

SAVE THE HASSEL: Forget trying to find the best tutor for your needs; we will select the most appropriate tutor for your childs unique needs (strengths and weaknesses) and organise the first lesson wtih them.

SELF-ASSURANCE: Tutors are all adequately able to cater for and help facilitate subjects from Kindergarten to Year 12, with all tutors having had completed their NSW High School Certificate, having had acheived competent results, and being currently continuing or having completed University courses/degrees.

SERVICEABILITY: Tutoring sessions can happen at the clients home or online through ZOOM software, at a time of convenience to both the parents and student.

FIRST LESSON TRY OUT:  If the parent/s or student is not completely satisfied with the initial lesson with the tutor, then the lessons payable service will be 100% refunded.


PAY AS YOU GO Choices: Have the option to pay for the tuition lessons on a week to week basis as you go (T&Cs Apply).

ONGOING COMMUNICATION TO PARENTS: Parents have the benefit of liasing directly with the chosen tutor for given feedback on performance on a weekly basis, anytime. Continual informal feedback is usually given by phone conversation, text or email, with formal feedback emailed in detailed progress reports to parents every 5-10 weeks.

EASY PAYMENT APPROACH:  Need to miss or reschedule a lesson? Do so at no charge! (T&Cs Apply).

EXTRA MILE APPROACH: Our tutors are easy going, friendly and genuinely care about each students academic progression, always wanting to ensure academic support is coupled with ongoing contributions to boost each students confidence.


We offer dynamic Exam and Study Skills requisites for all our students, including resources form the following:

  • Exam Preparations and Techniques

  • Personalised plans on "How To Study" for each student

  • Help with Memory Retention Concepts

  • Mandatory Motivation and Goal Setting

  • Complementary Study Notes 

  • Prioritisation of Study Strategies

Grow your vision and Stay Ambitous!

Download our FREE Study Planner today!
Designed for all your time management and organisation skills, this Study planner is the key to your study success, created to help you to prioritise and visualise all activities in your life, including time for study.

Discover your Ambitions!

Discover your Ambitions!

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