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ABOUT us: Our mission, vision and values

All the "Ambition" in one place:

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive, individually focused training and mentoring that prepares students of all ages for academic success, based upon their unique goals and ambitions. 

Our Vision

We believe a supplemental educational program, outside of schooling should encompass the following:

  • Provide experiences and opportunities that are positive and welcoming for all students, improving their skills and strengthen self-esteem;

  • Deliver personalised educational programs designed to augment the foundations of student future success, by shaping them to become independent learners;

  • Help all our students the reach the "best version" of themselves, achieving their personal education goals;

  • Deliver customised programs for each student to cultivate their "art of learning" skills necessary for life success;

  • Be supported by a motivated team of professionals who understand and meet the needs of each student.

Our Values

At Ambition Tuition, we value:

  • STUDENT FOCUS: Our existence depends solely on the students desire to form a relationship with us.  We understand that our students and  are our “true masters” and this is something always keep in mind.

  • QUALITY SERVICES: We always strive to exceed the students and parents expectations of service and commitment.

  • GREATNESS: We strive for “Best Possible Results” in everything we do.

  • INNOVATION: We seek to implement creative ideas and new ways of thinking in the minds of our students, producing other alternative approaches than just ordinary "textbook questions".

  • INTEGRITY: We believe in that honesty should be the epitome in our interactions with each other, in order to keep our promises and fulfill our commitments.

  • RESPECT: We value people from all different cultures and backgrounds, always treating them with dignity at all times.

  • COMMUNICATION: We develop ongoing communication within our business, between our professionals, parents and our students in order to build relationships and gain knowledge on how to grow and improve.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We do what we say we will do and expect the same from the parents and students.

  • SELF DEVELOPMENT: We adhere in the importance of self-development for each student, and indeed, we take it very seriously.

  • MEANINGFUL WORK: We work hard for our students, and alternatively are rewarded based on results, maintaining a perspective of humour and enthusiasm. 

​Having the right answers isn't always the most important concept, but rather being able to provide the right questions. Ambition Tuition does exactly this! We help the individuals to be able to harness the ability to find Ambition to succeed within themselves. 

Through the right encouragement, support and foundational learning practices complementing the school syllabus and curriculum, students ongoing growth and development becomes inevitable!

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